Zombie Blast Friday

Half-pint Survivalist has been preparing mentally and physically for the Zombie Apocalypse. He has spent countless hours on target practice with his compound bow as well as his bb-guns. It even shows in his latest art work. Here is his depiction of a Zombie. He worked long an hard perfecting it. He isn’t the only… Continue reading Zombie Blast Friday

Self Sustaining Suburbia

My husband and I recently watched an episode of Doomsday Preppers from National Geographic. Dennis McClung and his family were one of the families they featured on the episode. Their backyard is something that I would love to create for my family, but I would be concerned with doing so in town. I really feel… Continue reading Self Sustaining Suburbia

Homemade Granola Cereal

I’ve been experimenting with granola recipes and I’ve decided that granola is a very simple thing to create as long as you have two basic combinations to start. You need a ratio of about 1 cup wet ingredients (or less) to 7 cups drys. The more wet ingredients you add the chewier your granola is… Continue reading Homemade Granola Cereal

The Zombie Apocalypse

I had a post ready to go for today, but when I read this, I felt like I needed to share it instead. If you like it, please follow this link back to the originating site and let them know. The Zombie Apocalypse Is Here!I sat down and managed to get some research done to… Continue reading The Zombie Apocalypse

New beginning

My wife and I have been approved for a loan to buy our first home( I can dream, can’t I). It’s a very exciting time in the Dabbs family. We have been thinking about what we need and what we want in our home to aid us in our mission to be more self-sufficient and… Continue reading New beginning

Zombie Blast Friday

On Fridays we here at Z.A.S like to celebrate with Zombie Blast Fridays! This is a day when we look at everything zombie related. This week I would like to deviate a little and talk about a couple shows I watched over the last couple days. One was Independence USA on GBTV. I think that… Continue reading Zombie Blast Friday

The Road

I thought this movie was very well done. The storyline is dark and hopeless. A man and his son are walking through post-apocalyptic America. The sun doesn’t come out, the weather is cold, everything is dark, gray, and dreary Hungry and dirty, the pair head south looking for a warmer atmosphere while escaping from cannibals… Continue reading The Road