Zombie Book Review: The News Flesh Series by Mira Grant

I will be perfectly candid, I was adamantly opposed to reading zombie literature. I swore it was not a genre I’d ever dip my toe into. I’m a Vince Flynn, Daniel Silva, Tess Gerritsen kind-of-gal: I like espionage, government conspiracy, medical mysteries and things of that nature. Zombies seemed too sci-fi for my taste, too… Continue reading Zombie Book Review: The News Flesh Series by Mira Grant

Zombie Fiction Sunday

Its Sunday and for our weekly segment this week, I found some interesting movies and games. check them out. From: http://www.zombiefiction.net/2012/dave-dead-2012/ Dave of the Dead (2012)Published on 4 February 2012 under Movies, News. Tags: 2012 zombie movie, zombie comedy Dave of the Dead (2012) From: http://www.zombiefiction.net/2011/the-dead-linger-sandbox-zombie-survival/ As yet no trailers or release date are available,… Continue reading Zombie Fiction Sunday

Zombie Blast Friday

Half-pint Survivalist has been preparing mentally and physically for the Zombie Apocalypse. He has spent countless hours on target practice with his compound bow as well as his bb-guns. It even shows in his latest art work. Here is his depiction of a Zombie. He worked long an hard perfecting it. He isn’t the only… Continue reading Zombie Blast Friday