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Its Sunday and for our weekly segment this week, I found some interesting movies and games. check them out.

From: http://www.zombiefiction.net/2012/dave-dead-2012/

Dave of the Dead (2012)
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Dave of the Dead (2012)

The Zombie Apocalypse wasn’t much of an apocalypse. Zombies are living among us as second class citizens, and “Undead Rights” activists are taking to the streets in protest against Zombie bigotry. Dave doesn’t give a fig about Zombies, but if saving them from society means getting the girl of his dreams, then the Zombies just got themselves a Hero!

From: http://www.zombiefiction.net/2011/the-dead-linger-sandbox-zombie-survival/

As yet no trailers or release date are available, but let’s hope Dave of the Dead doesn’t tread too heavily on Shaun of the Dead’s toes. With a plot summary like the above, the producers must surely realise their upcoming zombie comedy will be held up and compared to Edgar Wright’s 2004 classic.
The IMDB entry for Dave of the Dead show only that it’s due in 2012.

The Dead Linger Featured
The Dead Linger: Sandbox Zombie Survival

The Dead Linger

Too long has the zombie genre been tainted — infected, if you will — with the invincible survivor, the invisible wall, and the non-threatening ghoul. But no more. You will learn to truly survive the relentless dead. Alone, or with those closest to you, the future of this world is in your trembling hands.
It is not another one of the mindless stories you’ve been told, where you fire blindly into the zombie apocalypse, standing safely on the sidelines. It is not the story of brainless zombie slaughter and unmitigated gore, nor is it the story of your machine-gun laden victory over the hordes.
The Dead Linger is the story of you. It is a story of true survival. Your survival.

So begins a compelling description of an upcoming sandbox style zombie survival guide called The Dead Linger. A creation of Sandswept Studios, it promises to provide the budding zombie survival enthusiast with an opportunity to explore what most current zombie games tend to omit in favour of gratuitous violence and gore – the survival aspect.
Although still heavily in the development phase, the official website of The Dead Linger provides a taste of what players can expect in the form of a “trailer”, various conceptual artwork and samples of what’s been created so far. There looks to be a fair amount of activity on their forums, so if what you’ve read so far sounds interesting, certainly head over there to take a look.
An interesting recent interview with Geoff Keene, Sandswept Studio’s design director and founder can also be found here. Geoff reveals a few extra details about what players can expect from The Dead Linger and mentions his hopes for a late-2011/early-2012 alpha release of the game. Finger’s crossed

From: http://www.zombiefiction.net/2011/planet-of-the-living-dead/

Planet of the Living Dead

Planet of the Living Dead
Publisher: Antarctic Press
Story: Joe Wight & David Hutchinson
Art: David Hutchinson
Release Date: December 2010
Price: $3.50 US & CAN

“A forced landing on a lawless mining planet brings the crew of a small salvage ship face to face with an entire population of flesh-eating zombies. Every soul on the planet has somehow been turned into a brain-starved ghoul, bent on devouring the new arrivals. Time is pitifully short, ammunition is low. The only things in abundance are the slobbering, bloodthirsty masses swarming across the planet of the living dead!”
Being able to engage a reader and draw them into the story is an important consideration when writing any sort of fiction, not just that which involves zombies. It is no surprise then that the vast majority of zombie fiction is set in environments likely to be familiar to the reader, surroundings that – given the familiarity – allow the reader to more vividly imagine the story playing out. A city overrun with zombies, for example,  is probably the most popular scenario for films, novels or comics of this sub-genre and is something we’ve all seen and read multiple times. So it was with some interest that I picked up Planet of the Living Dead by Joe Wight and David Hutchinson. Extraterrestrial zombies? Not something seen everyday. Beginning on the small salvage ship mentioned in the description, this black and white comic spends an acceptable amount of time introducing the main characters and their various conflicting personalities. Stationed in orbit around a mining planet and unable to contact the control station on the surface, a lander is dispatched to go down and investigate. On board are the small group of characters met previously, one of whom prophetically remarks that it “…sure looks dead down there”, as the lander touches down.Of course, having landed, the characters split up in their search, inevitably discovering in various bloody ways why the planet appears so dead. We see certain characters meet sticky ends while others desperately cling to hope of escape, fighting their way through the slavering hordes in an attempt to get back to the lander and leave the planet.I appreciated the black and white approach Planet of the Living Dead takes; it somehow gives the story a bleaker edge, emphasizing the cold, dead nature of space and the abandoned look of the planet’s surface. Could colour have done as good a job? Perhaps, perhaps not. I don’t feel the comic suffers for lack of it, however. The art is generally of a high quality, as is the writing. Dialogue between the characters flows and helps us gain an idea of the different personalities involved while carrying the story forward.All things considered, Planet of the Living Dead is an intriguing read and certainly worthy of a look if your interest has been picqued.A sequel is currently available, entitled Return to the Planet of the Living Dead and can be purchased – along with Planet of the Living Dead – from Antarctic Press’s website.

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