Are you ready for your garden?

Things to do in the off season:

  • order seeds for the coming year
  • get ready to plant your seedlings inside
  • prepare any cold frames, row covers you may need
  • till new beds if adding
  • test current soil
  • check tools for breakage/repair
  • plan your crop rotation
  • plan your crop percentages
  • document seeds ordered/where to plant
  • prepare to turn under your garden crop
  • repair/replace any garden stakes
  • setup your composting area

Doing this during the colder time of the year will make it easier when spring does come and you will have less to do. You know it will busy especially when it comes to spring and tending the seedlings and planting and other items you need to do. So get a jump start on it now.

My wife and I have already listed the food we want to grow this year, how we want to grow it, and what we did not like about last year. We keep a log book of the things we grew, when they sprouted and when we harvested. This lets us plan better for this year and remember what did well for us and what did not. Next we will work on our rotation plans and ensure we have the equipment for our pole beans and other items ready to go when needed.

As a prepper you plan for all kinds of things, make sure you plan for your garden to. That way it will continue to be a bountiful harvest and an enjoyable time. Its very satisfying to eat the food you grew, prepared and cooked. Do not get disappointed if something you planted doesn’t do well, analyze what went wrong and work on it next year. Last year we had no viable tomatoes, but we want some so this year we will work on that as well.

Till next time

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