Survival Tips

I learned from a TV show called doomsday preppers that by oiling eggs (with mineral oil) you can keep air, etc. out to store them. You can store them for 9-12 months. You can also wax cheese in melted food grade wax to do the same. You can jar cooked meat and eat it out… Continue reading Survival Tips

Self Sustaining Suburbia

My husband and I recently watched an episode of Doomsday Preppers from National Geographic. Dennis McClung and his family were one of the families they featured on the episode. Their backyard is something that I would love to create for my family, but I would be concerned with doing so in town. I really feel… Continue reading Self Sustaining Suburbia

Pre-packaged Food Storage – A Product Comparison

As any prepper-minded individual knows, food storage is a basic foundation for being prepared. That can be a daunting project though. Storing it, rotating it, knowing how much, and now with all of these companies advertising their latest product, figureing out what to store is just as big of a challange. Their are so many… Continue reading Pre-packaged Food Storage – A Product Comparison

Homemade stove

Recently we posted a helpful “how-to” on making fire starters and our fellow prepper/ survivalist, Watchful, suggested making a little “stove” from an old tuna can and some cardboard. So…that’s just what I did, and thenwe tested it out. Here are the results… I started off by cutting some strips of cardboard that I rescued from the… Continue reading Homemade stove