Self Sustaining Suburbia

My husband and I recently watched an episode of Doomsday Preppers from National Geographic. Dennis McClung and his family were one of the families they featured on the episode.

Their backyard is something that I would love to create for my family, but I would be concerned with doing so in town. I really feel like in order to increase my chances of being able to hunker down or bug-in, I will need to be further from populated areas.

The system that they have created for watering their plants and feeding their chickens and fish is a very note worthy one. I am hoping to figure out a way to incorporate some of that into our backyard homestead in the coming years. As I do, I’ll be sure and share it all with you, but in the mean time why don’t you check out Dennis’ websites!

As of this month Garden Pool has become a non-profit organization. “Our goal as a non-profit is to both innovate and provide the public with agricultural and horticultural knowledge and skills. In short, we want to learn, create, teach, and support better ways to grow food!”

Their blog is full of great how-to’s on everything from barrelponics, to trimming chicken’s wings! I especially enjoy their videos.

I hope you’ll find it as informative as I have.
‘Til next time, Survivalist JacLynn, Signing out!

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