Happy New Year ~ Survivalist Style

As we approach the annual changing of the calendar, it’s a good time to reflect on the year that is passing and set goals for the one ahead. As Zombie Apocalypse Survivalists, that might mean something a little different to us than to your average citizen. This is a good time to asses what prepping we have accomplished this year, and what we plan to do during the new year.

An important part of prepping is food storage. I am currently working on creating a spread sheet to help me track what food I have stored, when it expires, and what I need to buy next. I started this past year just by buying a little extra of the things we usually eat, whenever I was at the store, but my goal for the new year is to really start stock-piling. A resource that I’ve found to be very helpful is this article on kipnews. Food alone is not enough, we need water. Water for drinking, water for cooking, and water for sanitation. My prepping in this category has fallen a bit short in this past year, I’ll admit that. Due in part to a lack of space, but also a lack of funds. I have a lack of space to store large quantities, and a lack of funds to purchase the nice water filter that I’ve been drooling over. I have however been stocking up on knowledge. Knowledge of places close by to collect water, and knowledge of how to clean it once I’ve collected it. Still, that isn’t really enough. My plan for 2012 is to stock up on more bottled water and to invest in a good water filter.

Medical Supplies are another essential part of preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse and other emergencies as well. This year I have worked to expand both my medical kit as well as my knowledge of all things first-aid/ health. This is something that is pretty near and dear to my heart, as someone who has worked in the medical field for the past 10 years, I recognize it’s importance. If you haven’t gotten started on your medical kit yet, take a look at my previous post here. When I want to increase my skill set for emergency medicine, the place I look is Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy’s show on Doctor Prepper. My goals for the new year are to seriously increase my supply of sterile bandages, gauze, tape, sutures, etc. I also plan to start stocking up on antibiotics.

Now, you can stock-pile all you like, but without the means to protect it, that means nothing. This year we have made great strides in this regard. My gun cabinet definitely does not look like this one, but we’ve got a couple in there. I’ve been out target shooting a few times, and we’ve started to stock up on ammo. I know that I’ve still got a long way to go, but compared to a year ago, well, lets just say that something is better than nothing! My next step is learning to hunt! Wish me luck with that one. How many vegetarian hunters do you know? But if it means being able to feed my family, that’s what I’m going to do.

Speaking of feeding my family, another prep that I’ve been working on and plan to expand in the New Year, is foraging skills. I’ve probably checked out every book available on the subject from my local library. Next step, put the knowledge into action. This spring I plan to get out there and start collecting food! I can’t wait. (I’ll be sure and let you know how it goes.)

But my biggest goal for this coming year is to finally purchase a home with some land. Land where we can grow and raise our own food. A home that we can Bug-in at, rather than being squeezed in tight in town where we’d eventually have to flee in a true Zombie Apocalypse (or economic collapse).

What about you? What are your goals for the New Year? What have you accomplished this year? Let us know.

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