Zombie Blast Friday

Welcome to the last Zombie Blast Friday of 2011. Its time to look back on our first year and look forward to what the new year will bring. Remember if you have not started getting prepared make that your New Years Resolution. Start budgeting to put some back, have a emergency bag prepared, keep your car tuned up, in the end just try to be prepared as best as possible. Been thinking about start gardening? Well do it! We know you have been thinking about it otherwise why are you coming here? So take the time now and start small. Buy a few extra cans of food this week and put them into the pantry, then buy maybe an extra set of toilet paper next time. the next week buy some water. Start small and it will not seem like such a large project. But when that emergency comes you will be thankful. And that emergency can be anything from losing your job and thankful that you do not have to spend money on food for a while, to a natural disaster. Remember the emergency does not have to be huge to everyone to have a huge impact on your life, and preparing now makes for an easier time to deal with it.

Zombie tip of the day

Remember most of the times zombies are slow, but sometimes they are known to have great speed and strength. And during any societal collapse you will have the 4 legged predators as well. Additionally it will be hard to find doctors during an emergency, so start taking care of yourself NOW, change eating habits, start exercising, get any medical problems taken care of now, so you are not having to deal with them when you are dealing with all kinds of other problems. I would hate to think you got eaten and the last think you said was “Dang I should have ran more” because no one wants to get eaten by zombie baby.

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