72 hr. Get Home Bag

While out shopping with my family today, I came across the Life+Gear Wings of Life Backpack. It was a special at Costco and was only $39.97. I have seen them before on sites like Amazon for $49 and more. We decided to pick one up. Now, I wouldn’t recomend this product as a stand alone… Continue reading 72 hr. Get Home Bag

More Paracord uses

One of my sons decided to re-wrap his survival knife with paracord. We tried the cord wrap that the original cord came done in. He didn’t like it as much when done with the bulky paracord. It made the handle too chunky for his hand. Together we decided to do a sideways cobra braid using… Continue reading More Paracord uses

Emergency Radios

When the Stuff does hit the rotating cooling device it is helpful to have some means to actually hear information from those nominally in charge. Today I will review 3 radios that I have used and own. Realistic crystal controlled weather radio This is an old model not currently in production but you can find… Continue reading Emergency Radios

Solar Force

I don’t know if this is for us to post reviews or just read what you wrote, but here goes nothing. About 7 – 8 months ago, I was looking for a really good, durable, bright and economical flashlight. Interestingly enough, I quickly realized that these economical did not fit well with the rest of… Continue reading Solar Force