Campfire Pie Irons

We have had a lot of rainy, dreary days lately. We needed something fun to do outside, so we practiced our fire-building skills in the rain. Calvin has a campfire pie iron he wanted to test out; we made lunch. A week ago I made a super large batch of spaghetti (even for our large… Continue reading Campfire Pie Irons

Pre-packaged Food Storage – A Product Comparison

As any prepper-minded individual knows, food storage is a basic foundation for being prepared. That can be a daunting project though. Storing it, rotating it, knowing how much, and now with all of these companies advertising their latest product, figureing out what to store is just as big of a challange. Their are so many… Continue reading Pre-packaged Food Storage – A Product Comparison

Homemade stove

Recently we posted a helpful “how-to” on making fire starters and our fellow prepper/ survivalist, Watchful, suggested making a little “stove” from an old tuna can and some cardboard. So…that’s just what I did, and thenwe tested it out. Here are the results… I started off by cutting some strips of cardboard that I rescued from the… Continue reading Homemade stove

Trash Can Turkey

When the Zombie Apocalypse happens who has time and energy to strap a full size kitchen stove to their back and run through the woods? “So what to do” you ask? Grab your clean, never used, 30 gallon galvanized trash can and fill it with any supplies you don’t already have in your B.O.B. You… Continue reading Trash Can Turkey