72 hr. Get Home Bag

While out shopping with my family today, I came across the Life+Gear Wings of Life Backpack. It was a special at Costco and was only $39.97. I have seen them before on sites like Amazon for $49 and more. We decided to pick one up.

Now, I wouldn’t recomend this product as a stand alone emergency pack for 72 hours, it is lacking in water and some other things that you’d need, but with some additional supplies, couldc be a great Get-Home Bag. Our plan is to supe it up and keep it in my hubby’s work truck. It will be what he needs to get himself home in an emergency.

The Emergency Supplies that are included are:

  • 3-Day Supply of Food 1-Person (5-Year Shelf Life)
  • 3-Day Supply of Water 1-Person (5-Year Shelf Life)
  • All Weather Poncho
  • Thermal Blanket
  • Hygiene Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Writing Pad and Pen
  • Signaling Whistle
  • Directional Compass
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Leather / Cloth Gloves
  • Respirator Mask
  • Red Emergency Flasher
  • Multi-Function Tool
  • Waterproof Document Bag
  • Signaling Mirror
    -Waterproof Tarp

One of my favorite features of this prodcuct, isn’t the items in the kit, but the bag itself. I like the built in spot for the flasshing light, the extra pockets, and the fact that everything has a place. The bag itself also leaves plenty of room for your added supplies.

The 34 piece First Aid Kit is deffinetly something that I will need to add to. I also will be adding a fire buiding kit, and a weapon for protection. Some warm clothes and a change of socks would also be a welcome personal addition, incase you do have to make your way home on foot. Something else I plan to add are some maps of the area, and a better compass. These items will fit easily in the included waterproof document bag. I feel that with these small changes, this could be a great kit. It weighs 8 lbs. so even once we add a bit more, it should be easy for an adult hiker to manage.

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