Outdoor Multi-Purpose Table Made From Used Pallets

We didn’t have any plans. I couldn’t find quite what I was looking for online so we made it up as we went.


  • 2 same-sized pallets
  • 4 legs (3ft tall 4x4s)
  • deck screws
  • wood glue (labeled for outdoor use)


  • hammer
  • crowbar
  • drill

We carefully dismantled the pallet that was in the worst shape and used it for parts.

We were even able to save some of the nails. Some needed to be hammered out, but they were otherwise re-usable.

The pallet that was in the best shape was used for the base of our table. We filled in the spaces with planks from the other pallet.

We attached the legs with screws, corner braces, and outdoor wood glue.

We added the long boards from the scrap pile for side supports. At this point we had to call it a day to finish school work and run some errands.

Here you can see the side supports we added (on the short-side) using 2 leftover planks. I had to cut them down since the width between the legs was shorter than actual table length. I just used a circular saw. (My youngest decided to lay all the good boards we pulled from other pallets across the bottom for storage. It has me considering adding them as an additional shelf.)

I have some left over deck stain. We’ll eventually sand it out and waterproof it. It will be a great table for future projects, gardening, and food preparation for outdoor cooking. I’m very pleased with how sturdy it is.

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