Survival Tips

I learned from a TV show called doomsday preppers that by oiling eggs (with mineral oil) you can keep air, etc. out to store them. You can store them for 9-12 months. You can also wax cheese in melted food grade wax to do the same. You can jar cooked meat and eat it out of the jar.

A good way to secure your home is to turn off your power and patrol your house because during a crisis there will not be electricity and it will help you know your home better. Learning skills like welding and wood working will help you in a crisis.

To make a bow out of pvc piping cut a 4 foot long piece of pvc and fill with fiber glass rod wrapped in tape(so it doesn’t splinter), string, and shoot small game (cats, dogs, pigeons, squirrels, chipmunks).

Hope this is helpful with your Zombie surviving!

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