Fresh Foods while Running from Zombies

If I have to bug out or go on the run from Zombies, prepackaged foods are going to be okay for a while but eventually I’m going to need the nutritional value of some fresh food. Being able to harvest wild foods is going to be a big help, but if it’s the middle of winter, or if you’ve got to travel through some cities, it may be difficult to find fresh food. So, what are we to do? How about a garden on the go? Now, of course, you can’t carry a full garden with you, but you can grow some sprouts.

A sprout possesses all of the energy, vitamins and nutrients and power that enables it to be transformed from a small seed into a strong plant. Sprouts are as varied as the seeds chosen for sprouting and are delicious in countless ways, raw and cooked.

When I grow sprouts at home, I use mason jars, but there are a ton of other ways you can do it. One product that I came across looks like it might be a good option for taking on the go. It’s the Easy Sprout.

Another option is to build your own sprouting system. has a how-to as well as some good information about sprouts in general.

What are the best sprouts you may ask? Well, one of my favorites are broccoli sprouts. A half-cup serving of broccoli sprouts provides 16 calories, 1.4 g of protein, 1.9 g of carbohydrates, less than 1 g fat, 0 g of sugar, 0 mg of cholesterol, 2.88 mg sodium and 1.1 g dietary fiber, according to the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. Thirty-five percent of the calories in broccoli sprouts come from protein. This vegetable is low in calories but rich in nutrients essential for human health, such as vitamins A, C, E and calcium, among others.

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You can eat sprouts raw, in salads, on sandwiches, or plain. You can also sprout grains and use them in baking bread to add more nutrients. If you are interested in learning how, Organic Fanatic has a great article on how to do so.

The best thing you can do though, is to start growing some sprouts now, learn the process, learn how you like to eat them, which ones you prefer, and then add the necessary items to your BOB so they are ready to go when the Zombie Apocalypse hits! Until next time, this is Survivalists JacLynn, signing out.

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