Zombie Blast Friday

On Fridays we here at Z.A.S like to celebrate with Zombie Blast Fridays! This is a day when we look at everything zombie related. This week I would like to deviate a little and talk about a couple shows I watched over the last couple days.

One was Independence USA on GBTV. I think that this is a very interesting show where a carpenter and his family start the journey to become more self-sufficient. What I really liked about this show was it looked like it could be us here at Z.A.S, experimenting and trying different ideas.

Another show I watched just last night was NATGEO’s Dooms Day Peppers. I thought this show was another interesting show, it documents different approaches to prepping and rates the ability of the different peppers chance to survive a dooms day scenario.
Zombie Tip of the Week:
from: http://zombie-forum.com/Zombie-Survival-Tips.html

Always think one step ahead

When planning do not ever expect things to turn out right. Always have multiple escape routes and backup plans for each step you take. If you’re not always prepared one miscue could leave you a stranded midnight snack.

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