Zombie Blast Friday

I’d like to share with you some real live Zombie Apocalypse Survivalists that I happened upon this week. Nothing brings a couple closer together than zombie killing! So without further ado, I’d like to share these… Pictures of the week: Thanks to http://www.bridalguide.com/blogs/bridal-buzz/zombie-engagement-photos for posting these pictures.

Pre-packaged Food Storage – A Product Comparison

As any prepper-minded individual knows, food storage is a basic foundation for being prepared. That can be a daunting project though. Storing it, rotating it, knowing how much, and now with all of these companies advertising their latest product, figureing out what to store is just as big of a challange. Their are so many… Continue reading Pre-packaged Food Storage – A Product Comparison

Homemade stove

Recently we posted a helpful “how-to” on making fire starters and our fellow prepper/ survivalist, Watchful, suggested making a little “stove” from an old tuna can and some cardboard. So…that’s just what I did, and thenwe tested it out. Here are the results… I started off by cutting some strips of cardboard that I rescued from the… Continue reading Homemade stove

Zombie Blast Friday

Welcome to the last Zombie Blast Friday of 2011. Its time to look back on our first year and look forward to what the new year will bring. Remember if you have not started getting prepared make that your New Years Resolution. Start budgeting to put some back, have a emergency bag prepared, keep your… Continue reading Zombie Blast Friday

Don’t get bitten

Cela arrive souvent à cette époque de l’année, vous bordez vos enfants, vous regardez un peu la télévision (généralement un film de zombie classé “B”), puis vous vous allongez et vous fermez les yeux pour la nuit, puis vous l’entendez (ou peut-être votre femme l’entend-elle et la porte-t-elle à votre attention), vous entendez un petit… Continue reading Don’t get bitten

Building a Backyard Target

The supplies I used are simple: 3 bales of hay that I picked up from the local feed and seed, burlap (found it with hunting supplies at Walmart) and some brass paper fasteners. I stacked the hay bales, and then wrapped the burlap around the sides. The brass fasteners worked perfectly. They pop right in… Continue reading Building a Backyard Target

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More Paracord uses

One of my sons decided to re-wrap his survival knife with paracord. We tried the cord wrap that the original cord came done in. He didn’t like it as much when done with the bulky paracord. It made the handle too chunky for his hand. Together we decided to do a sideways cobra braid using… Continue reading More Paracord uses

Zombie Blast Friday

Welcome one and all to another addition of Zombie Blast Friday! Fridays are a day where we here at Z.A.S look at all things zombie. This is a very special time of year, a time of year when we all spend time with our families and friends and reflect on the many blessings we have… Continue reading Zombie Blast Friday