New beginning

My wife and I have been approved for a loan to buy our first home( I can dream, can’t I). It’s a very exciting time in the Dabbs family. We have been thinking about what we need and what we want in our home to aid us in our mission to be more self-sufficient and less dependent on our national and local infrastructure. We have talked at length about many things, LAND being the biggest topic during our conversations. We have come to the conclusion that buying cheap and fixing up our place should be the way we go. What does this have to do with prepping?
For our family it has everything to do with it. We need a small mortgage payment so that A. We can pay off our home quickly and not be indebted to a bank, B. The more money we keep in our pockets the more money we can delegate to things like food storage, firearms, education, and solar power projects. These are all things very important to our family and our ability to be self-sufficient. Another reason for our family to buy cheap and fix it up as we go is so that we can learn how homes are put together. I have done construction in the past, mostly ripping out old fungus or termite damaged fascia boards, or floor joists and replace them, so this will be a whole new and exciting experience for us to gut complete rooms and start all over. I think this should help our family with planning and executing small scale plans.
We would also like to have some land to start planting larger gardens, and we have many plans for some fruit trees. My wife wants to keep chickens and one or two goats for their milk. We believe that these things will help us become more self-sufficient and better prepared to cope with the zombies when they arrive. If anyone has good home improvement ideas, or nice plans for Chicken coop or goat pin, please leave a comment and let us know. Good luck survivalists.

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