Emergency Radios

When the Stuff does hit the rotating cooling device it is helpful to have some means to actually hear information from those nominally in charge. Today I will review 3 radios that I have used and own. Realistic crystal controlled weather radio This is an old model not currently in production but you can find… Continue reading Emergency Radios

You better run

In a true SHTF scenario and you have to grab your BOB and go, do you have a plane of action? Do you have a place in mind that could sustain you and your family for a long period of time? If you’re like me the answer is no. This got me thinking about what… Continue reading You better run

Solar Force

I don’t know if this is for us to post reviews or just read what you wrote, but here goes nothing. About 7 – 8 months ago, I was looking for a really good, durable, bright and economical flashlight. Interestingly enough, I quickly realized that these economical did not fit well with the rest of… Continue reading Solar Force