Survival Tips

I learned from a TV show called doomsday preppers that by oiling eggs (with mineral oil) you can keep air, etc. out to store them. You can store them for 9-12 months. You can also wax cheese in melted food grade wax to do the same. You can jar cooked meat and eat it out… Continue reading Survival Tips

Zombie Fiction Sunday

Its Sunday and for our weekly segment this week, I found some interesting movies and games. check them out. From: Dave of the Dead (2012)Published on 4 February 2012 under Movies, News. Tags: 2012 zombie movie, zombie comedy Dave of the Dead (2012) From: As yet no trailers or release date are available,… Continue reading Zombie Fiction Sunday

Family Boot Camp

At the beginning of the year I talked about my family needing to get in shape. Of Resolutions and Cliches I’ve kept it in mind but it got shoved to the back burner. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to do, but life moved on faster than I could keep… Continue reading Family Boot Camp

Day of rest

Ahhhh…it’s Sunday. Most people don’t have to work. It’s a day to spend time at home with your families. In today’s high tempo lifestyle it’s so tempting to cram in more work making the most of the day. We mom’s like to catch up on housework, tackle Mt. Washmore, get our husbands going on those… Continue reading Day of rest

Prepper Pep Talk

Disasters are a reality that the entire world deals with including simple short-term power outages, drive-bys, hurricanes, floods, plane crashes, meteor shower, blizzards, radiation storms, or even a zombie breakout. Which is why it’s really important to be prepared for any situation because if you are not you will suffer. What would you do if… Continue reading Prepper Pep Talk

Zombie Blast Friday!

Its friday again, and time for Zombie Blast Friday! Zombie Fact of the day:According to the novels LZR-1143 as the zombies evolve they start turning into packs. Use this knowledge against them. Stay out of site when moving, surveil your surroundings and plan your route. If you see them in the distance, hide and be… Continue reading Zombie Blast Friday!

Campfire Pie Irons

We have had a lot of rainy, dreary days lately. We needed something fun to do outside, so we practiced our fire-building skills in the rain. Calvin has a campfire pie iron he wanted to test out; we made lunch. A week ago I made a super large batch of spaghetti (even for our large… Continue reading Campfire Pie Irons