Day of rest

Ahhhh…it’s Sunday. Most people don’t have to work. It’s a day to spend time at home with your families.

In today’s high tempo lifestyle it’s so tempting to cram in more work making the most of the day. We mom’s like to catch up on housework, tackle Mt. Washmore, get our husbands going on those honey-do lists, and get the kids to clean under their beds. You know. Narrow down those ever evolving, never ending, checklists.

Remember that seasons change so fast. The kids will be grown before you know it. Make sure to spend some time today just enjoying each other’s company. Get the family outside for playtime. Develop a hobby or learn something new together.

Set Sunday aside as a day to make each moment count. If you are spiritual people, draw closer in your faith together. Don’t let today go by as just another opportunity to get “stuff” done.

Relax. Meditate. Enjoy.

A day of rest is good for the body and the soul. It’s what separates the living from the walking dead.

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