Campfire Pie Irons

We have had a lot of rainy, dreary days lately. We needed something fun to do outside, so we practiced our fire-building skills in the rain. Calvin has a campfire pie iron he wanted to test out; we made lunch.

A week ago I made a super large batch of spaghetti (even for our large family it was a lot). I froze over half of it, but we still had a never ending supply. Spaghetti for lunch. Spaghetti for dinner. It kept coming back to haunt us. We finally used the rest of it in today’s spaghetti pies. They were delish. Ironically we were sad when we ran out of sauce. Sigh…


Lay your bread (buttered side down) in your pans and fill one side with your filling. The combinations are endless: tuna melts, ham and cheese, chili pies, chicken pot pies, bbq, etc). Lock the pans together and lay it right in the fire.

Looks like a grilled cheese, but it was way more fantastic.

Just when you think you think you have run through all the possible combinations for dinner, there’s dessert: cherry pie, apple pie, cinnamon sugar strudel, and a million and one peanut butter/chocolate combinations.

The rules are the same, bread (buttered side down), filling (we used canned cherry pie filling), lock the pans, and fire it up. Mmmmnnnnn….

Clean up is easy. I use a bit of steel wool to lightly (very lightly) scrub the soot off the outside. Then, wipe the inside out with plain warm water. Side note: I cut the wool pads into pieces so I don’t waste the whole thing. You can toss the used pieces into your supply of fire starters.

You’ll need to season your pans so that your pies won’t stick when you pull it back out. Just rub a little vegetable oil on the inside and warm them up.

We had fun making these. We cooked until we ran out of bread.

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