Canning With a Pressure Cooker

A few months ago I bought a pressure cooker, or as I began to consider it, my “pressurized canister of potential death, dismemberment and/or disfiguration normally reserved for the preservation of foodstuffs.” I cooked a huge, 6-quart batch of chicken tortilla soup, and all I got out of it were four, seemingly extra large quarts… Continue reading Canning With a Pressure Cooker

Zombie Book Review: The News Flesh Series by Mira Grant

I will be perfectly candid, I was adamantly opposed to reading zombie literature. I swore it was not a genre I’d ever dip my toe into. I’m a Vince Flynn, Daniel Silva, Tess Gerritsen kind-of-gal: I like espionage, government conspiracy, medical mysteries and things of that nature. Zombies seemed too sci-fi for my taste, too… Continue reading Zombie Book Review: The News Flesh Series by Mira Grant

Making Kombucha

I have a new love and its name is kombucha. It’s a lacto-fermented beverage, dating back thousands of years. Yes, it kinda tastes like easter egg dye, but it’s fizzy and delicious at the same time. And it’s full of probiotics and helps right all the wrongs in your GI tract if yours is like… Continue reading Making Kombucha

ZAS Update

Well, I just thought I’d give everybody a little update. Our group hasn’t been very active lately, with some members having health, financial, or work-related issues. That, my friends is all about to change. We are about to head out to the lake for a group cook-out and the biggest ZAS meeting to date! Now,… Continue reading ZAS Update

72 hr. Get Home Bag

While out shopping with my family today, I came across the Life+Gear Wings of Life Backpack. It was a special at Costco and was only $39.97. I have seen them before on sites like Amazon for $49 and more. We decided to pick one up. Now, I wouldn’t recomend this product as a stand alone… Continue reading 72 hr. Get Home Bag

Raised Gardening Beds from Repurposed Wooden Pallets

Project overview: To create a few simple, low-cost, raised-garden beds. Finished Product To create your planter boxes you’ll need the following: Tools:5 lb baby sledge hammer (short single hand design)Standard hammer Wooden pallets, number depending on how many planter boxes you wish to make. Step One: Break down pallets and remove nails. I started with… Continue reading Raised Gardening Beds from Repurposed Wooden Pallets

Zombie Blast Friday

Its friday again! and time for all things zombie funny and Zombie irreverent! If you are looking for some Zombie wear head over to our friends at they make great shirts.