Trash Can Turkey

When the Zombie Apocalypse happens who has time and energy to strap a full size kitchen stove to their back and run through the woods? “So what to do” you ask? Grab your clean, never used, 30 gallon galvanized trash can and fill it with any supplies you don’t already have in your B.O.B. You and your survivalist partner each grab a side and run off as you were carrying a cooler. Don’t forget your stake for the turkey and/or Zombie slaying apparatus.

• 1 Turkey
• 1 Bunt Pan
• 30 gallon Galvanized Trash Can (with galvanized burned off)
• 1 2X2 24inch Stake
• 20lb.+ Bag of Charcoal
• Aluminum Foil
• Heavy Duty Gloves

  1. Prep fully thawed turkey by rubbing with vegetable oil and sprinkle with salt / pepper and garlic powder. If the turkey was freshly killed please see Stephanie.
  2. Lay out a couple of strips of foil and pour half a bag of charcoal on foil and light.
  3. Lay out strips of foil on the ground at least 8 inches larger than the mouth of the can and drive the stake through the center about 8-10 inches into the ground.
  4. Slide bunt pan over stake( May have to modify pan some).
  5. Make a small ball of foil and place on top of stake. Then wrap ball and stake with foil all the way down to the bunt pan.
  6. Slide turkey over stake with the legs facing down (the turkey should hoover about 3 inches above bunt pan).
  7. Take trash can and place, upside down, over turkey making sure it doesn’t touch the turkey.
  8. Place a good layer of coals on “top” of the can and the remainder around the base of the can.
  9. Add charcoal as needed, keeping the can hot( should not be able to touch the can for more than a second).
  10. After 45min. to 1 hour remove coals from “top” of can and place around base (still adding charcoal as needed to the base only now).
  11. Allow 5-6 min. per pound total cooking time.
  12. Pull coals away from the can and slowly lift can off turkey. (using heavy duty gloves)
  13. Pull turkey off stake (if it is not already sitting in the bunt pan) but in any case, lift turkey (with gloves) and put on serving pan. Drippings should be in bunt pan ready for use for gravy , stock or throwing your scent off from near-by Zombies.
  14. Times may vary some depending on weather, just make sure the outside of the can stays HOT through-out cooking and turkey should be at least 165 degrees internal temp. with juices that run clear.
  15. Experiment and enjoy.

Note: In case of Zombie attack mid cooking you can remove can and turkey and use stake to drive through head of target and then resume cooking as before.(some cleaning of stake maybe required).

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