Zombie Blast Friday

Welcome living, dead, undead and zombie enthusiasts everywhere. We are proud to present another edition of Zombie Blast Friday! We here at Z.A.S know that not all zombies are undead; some in fact are quite alive, sitting in high school and college classrooms throughout our country. We at Z.A.S believe in education, don’t get me wrong, but we really want to stress and promote the idea of homeschooling or alternative education. You see I am of the opinion that the living zombies are just as likely to lead to an apocalypse as the very dead or undead ones. If you cannot place your little survivalists in an alternative educational setting, don’t panic just be involved. It is up to you if your little survivalists become infected with the monkey see monkey do virus or the repeat after me virus.  Believe me The Gods of the Copybook Headings will seize every opportunity to infect the unsuspecting.

Zombie Tip of the Week

You might have heard that walking like a zombie will keep you safe because zombies are stupid. But they want your warm flesh and live body… go ahead and walk into the pile pretending to be a zombie and watch yourself become a very easy meal.

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