Band together

When I think about what life off the grid might be like in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I picture small groups of people banding together to make life survivable and sustainable. I believe there are a few skills that would be indispensable while out on a secluded piece of land. Hunting would be a skill that would be needed right away.
If you have friends that are avid hunters you should take advantage of their skill and ask them to take you out a few times and teach you to hunt. I personally have never been a hunter, but I will be learning some hunting skills so that I could provide some sustenance to my family.
Fishing, this also would be a very valuable skill when it comes to surviving out of the gate. It is very important to understand what type of fishing you would be required to do and what type of fish are in local water holes.
Now that you can provide meat, and fish to your family or group you should move on to providing some type of vegetables. Understanding what type of climate you’re in is critical in understanding what type of veggies to grow. You have to know when and what to plant. You cannot live off meat alone so gardening is very important.
So you can grow some veggies, and you can provide some fish or meat to your group, what about a shelter? You have to have some kind of carpentry skills. Having a plan to build a temporary shelter is ok, but if you’re going to be in an area for some time (long enough to grow crops) you need to build a permanent shelter. This can be complicated but the sooner you get to work the better off you will be. I think this is where your prepping really comes in handy, there are many great books or webpages that you can look up and learn how to build log cabins or other types of shelters that can sustain your group in.
These are just a few of the survival skills that you will need to stave off starvations and the zombies. Good luck survivalists.

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