Red Rider B.B. Gun

One of my boys experienced A Christmas Story.

That’s right. My brother and sister-in-law gave him an “Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!” Every year my brother buys the boys something with a family shoot out in mind. Usually, it’s nerf guns, laser tag, or something of that ilk. We look forward to this tradition every year.

The boys have spent several hours at target practice.

I think this gift is at the top of their list of best gifts of all time. It’s a great example of a gift that gets them outside working on a new skill.

Air Guns are perfect first guns.

  1. It’s a great start to teaching them respect for guns and any weapons. They are not toys. They do require some supervision (how much depends on your child and their level of responsibility. You have to know your kid).
  2. They are great for target practice. If you do your homework you can get a gun that is pretty accurate. You might not be able to train as a sniper, but you sure can set up a good shooting range in the backyard and learn to make your mark.
  3. While you might “shoot your eye out.” Injuries are not likely with the proper precautions. Make sure your target is soft enough to receive the ammunition so it doesn’t ricochet. So far the boys have been plucking off tin cans. We have plans to improve our range with some better targets, maybe we’ll build some out of foam. You could also set up bales of hay to pin your targets onto.

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